CHEETAH™ Toys & More, LLC is a registered corporation since 2014, with legal presence both within the United States of America and Jamaica, WI. We were formerly registered in 2006 as American Secondary Schools Application Process with CHEETAH™ as our charitable arm. However, we reorganized and renamed the company in 2014 to accurately reflect our growth, new and improved proprietary products and corporate strategic goals.

Currently marketed under our Registered Trademark of CHEETAH™ (Connect to Higher Education, Electronic Tools, Application & Help), we provide great innovative educational products coupled with unparalleled customer service including customization of products, training and Community Enrichment Programs. With our philosophy of quick sales and small profits, we have been consistently profitable. We have a market niche of providing our branded tablets PCs, CHEETAH™ Tab©, with accessories plus content, excellent customer service and training.

Our Business Model includes the following:

  • Business to Business (B2B), often in partnership with other businesses;
  • Business to Customer (B2C) when we sell directly to individuals; and
  • Business to Government (B2G) with the Ministry of Education, Youth & Information (MOEYI), as our main customer.


CHEETAH™ shall become a global and recognized leader of proprietary, affordable, innovative and reliable electronic and educational products, with brand recognition primarily within the United States of America, the Caribbean and Asia.


We will directly work with reputable suppliers to create CHEETAH™ own branded electronic devices while creating proprietary content such as Apps and books that are unique to our devices. We shall partner with our customers to further tailor our products for their specific uses, provide co-branding opportunities, obtain their content, and provide excellent before and after customer service. We will also provide goodwill, strengthen our corporate responsibility goals, and provide enticing employment opportunities in communities where we conduct business.

We support OEM/ODM services:

  • Support to customize boot logo, music and animation;
  • Support to customize logo on the product and packing
  • Support to customize personalized static and dynamic desktop background
  • Support to customize the clients' specified app, as the system defaults


Our overarching philosophy to “lead the competition in providing access to education” is embedded within the fabric of our organization. However, we have different themes for the many projects we work on. For instance, “chasing your dreams with you” is another tagline for our incentive, promotional and teaching programs within schools.